What is Fibratin

Fibratin is a hair builder fiber made from millions of tiny keratin and cotton based hair fibers.

Fibratin instantly eliminates your thinning hair and gives you perfectly natural look to gain your confidence back.

Natural Beauty

Blend in to your natural hair


Not easy to fall off


Can be at ease movement
Not affected by wind

No side effect

Harmless for scalp & hair
Can be at ease use

How to use Fibratin

Dry & style your hair as usual.

Sprinkle Fibratin onto your thinning area.

Now you are ready to go.

Customer Says

Check out our loyal customers and their testimonials about Fibratin.

  • I LOVE Fibratin! This is great & it works. I never leave home without it on & no one can tell the difference at all. It looks so natural. This has done alot for my self esteem in regards to my hair loss & thinning. I highly recommend this stuff & I have to my friends.

    Mario Khoe, 32 yo
  • I feel more confident while in public especially in a party

    Mas Tyo, 37 yo
  • I don’t have to concern about my baldness anymore as Fibratin can fix it.

    Andi Irawan, 35 Years Old
  • Fibratin tickens my hair instantly and very easy for daily use.

    Hani, 30 Years Old
  • My hair looks thicker after using Fibratin and it blends well with my natural black hair, looks volumized.

    Albert Setiawan, 32 Years Old

Try It, You'll Love It!

Rp 600.000 Rp 350.000

Fibratin 25gr

The hair fibers are made from 100% pure cotton. These hair fibers are charged with static electricity which makes them bond more securely with existing hair. They are kept inside containers made from a highly advanced polymers, which stimulate static charge in the hair fibers every time the container is shaken.

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